3 Common Parts of the Piano That You Should Know

 3 Common Parts of the Piano That You Should Know


Pianos are known as a complicated musical instrument since that they are composed of many different parts. If you are interested to know what these parts are, this article listed some of these many parts, so you better continue reading.

Here is the list of the common parts that you can find inside or outside the piano which you must be familiar.

1. Key

Commonly made from a different variety of softwoods such as spruce, sugar pine trees, and basswood, keys are one of the essential parts of a piano. It is mainly because keys play a huge role for a piano to produce sound or music. You have to know that keys of the piano are known to be as a complicated and complex part.

2. Pin Block

Another part of the piano is the pin block which is called in the name of “wrest – plank” as well. It is a huge and thick hardwood piece that has many layers. Pin block’s function is to secure the tuning pins of the piano in place so that a piano will be in tune.

3. Pedals

Lastly, pedals are controlled by the feet to change the sound or music that the piano produces. It usually comes in three, especially in the modern pianos, and is located underneath of the piano.

These are only the common parts since that it will take longer to discuss all of the parts of a piano. While if you as well want to know what makes up your Kawai es8 piano, you can ask a piano expert to inform you.